TV Series Stories of Jesus

The series Stories of Jesus brings in 26 episodes the main stories of the life of Jesus, from the Birth to the Ascension of the Lord.

The stories are told by Joca and Clarinha, two fun and familiar puppets of the children on the web TV Catholic Child.

The episodes also use 2D animation to further streamline the stories told to children.

The average duration of each episode is 5 to 6 minutes. The series was filmed in Full HD, with high definition digital.

The series includes three episodes about Our Lady and four extra episodes about St. Joseph, the Guardian Angels, the Bible and the Mass.

It's 2 hours and 24 minutes of lots of fun and stories from Jesus and the Bible.

The series is complete and ready for viewing on TV and web TV channels.

Watch one of the series episodes below.

The series is in Brazilian Portuguese, and is ready to be dubbed in English.

(The video was compressed by YouTube.The original quality of the image is much higher)

The video is subtitled in English.

Click the Hidden Captions icon - at the bottom of the video on the right - to activate as Captions.

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See below the list of episodes of Serie Stories of Jesus:

1 - The yes of Mary and Joseph

2 - Our Lady visits Santa Isabel

3 - The Christmas of Joca and Clarinha

4 - The Holy Family

5 - My baptism - The Baptism of Jesus

6 - The Faithful Servant

7 - Children of God

8 - Do unto others

9 - The Bread of Life

10 - Jesus in the heart

11 - Jesus teaches to pray the Our Father

12 - The Main Commandment

13 - The blind man who led another blind man

14 - The Temptations of Evil

15 - The Transfiguration of the Lord

16 - The Resurrection

17 - Just looking at it?

18 - My sheep hear my voice.

19 - Ascension of the Lord

20 - Assumption of Our Lady

21 - Coronation of Our Lady

22 - The sower

23 - São José

24 - Holy Guardian Angels

25 - The Bible

26 - The Mass